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Imago Forensics

What is Metadata?

Metadata- a set of data that describes and gives information about other data.

What is Image Metadata?

– Image metadata is text information pertaining to an image file that is embedded into the file or contained in a separate file that is associated with it. Image metadata includes details relevant to the image itself as well as information about its production.

What is Exif metadata?

– Exif metadata is a record which shows the digital SLR camera settings used to take a particular photograph. This data is recorded into the actual image file. Therefore each photograph has its own unique data

– It shows information like exposure, aperture, the resolution the camera model and GPS coordinates if the image is geotagged.

Why is this important? – Great for forensic analysts (Ethical) and tracking.

Imago Commands:

  • -i path: is the base directory, where imago will search for file
  • -o path: the output directory where imago will save the CSV file, with the extracted metadata
  • -x : imago will extract EXIF metadata.
  • -s: the temporary SQLite database will not be deleted after the processing.
  • -t jpeg: imago will search only for jpeg images.
  • -d all: imago will calculate md5, sha256, sha512 for the jpeg images.

Links used in video

Imago Forensics:
Exif sample images:

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