Shell Scripting – Ping Sweep Script

Shell scripting: ping sweep In this series you have already seen basics and some  example of automation, let’s dive into more applicative use of shell script, ping sweep is something very basic that every network administrator do, and its obvious that they don’t do it in the usual way because it’s

Shell Scripting – Loops & Tests

Shell scripting: test scripts and for loops Network administrator, pentester jobs includes lots of tasks that need to be performed on daily basis and its obvious that it is frustrating to perform the same bunch of tasks daily, but people are smart enough to make their jobs a little less boring

Shell scripting – Introduction & Variables

Shell scripting If you are a pentester, system administrator or you know someone who has these jobs, you would probably know that the daily task of these jobs includes executing hundreds of commands, a smart work here will be a single command doing all the work for us, this can be