pfSense Installation & Configuration Tutorial

What is pfSense?

pfSense is open source firewall/router software based on the FreeBSD packet filtering program PF that can be used as a perimeter firewall, router, wireless access point, DHCP server, DNS server, or VPN endpoint.

Why create your own router or use a custom solution like pfSense?

Standard routers are very underpowered and really are not well suited for performance. So the answer is better performance and a much more robust feature set like:

Commercial Firewall
Captive portal

Deployment scenarios

Wireless router

The most common/preferred way is as a router/firewall combo

Hardware requirements

Network interfaces

2 ethernet ports or adapters (preferably PCI)

Ram requirements

256 MB ~22,000 connections
512 MB ~46,000 connections
1 GB ~93,000 connections
2 GB ~190,000 connections


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