same asked 6 months ago

Hi Hackersploit again!
It`s been few rogue weeks, but now I have time to ask something that Is really getting my head bold..
Have You, or anybody else, get involved with MEBx attact?
I have this old and useless laptop that have this issue.
I have been trying to get through it, with no luck.. I know, its there, but everything i`m doing, is not working.
I did even try putting:
-“hot keys” back and “ctrl-P” (<– can be chanced, or disabled for MEBx)
-Flashing BIOS
-Removing hard disk (then just using usb related tools)
-Almost everything else, I have (disabling few options from BIOS, let me see, before early_crypt)
This is not “important” issue, as that laptop is not usefull for anything else, than Youtube or browsing (meaning it is trash).
Thing is, I just like to know.. This idiotic “Intel-backdoor” is more than well hidden and secured, so I cant manage it.
If You or any other more experianced guys have knowledge of it, i`m toutched.
For some reason, F-Secure did just info-video, that it is there, but no fix.
Btw. As all know, setting key to BIOS, do not stop hacking ATM, I hope all have moderate this thing on separetyle..

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