Armitage will not "find attacks" properly

QuestionsCategory: QuestionsArmitage will not "find attacks" properly
hyp3er asked 4 months ago

Armitage will not “find attacks” properly. To recreate the issue Here is what happens in it’s simplest form.
I open armitage, i scan a network in my test lab with the nmap scan “tcp no ping” (but it happens no matter how you run a scan or what scan you use) i enter I.P range and let the scan run. It completes and a popup states to “click find attacks” as usual. Now when I click “find attacks” instead of seeing the popup run a exploit check and a bar progress from left to right in the popup, It skips rite to the end stating attacks have been found but it seems as if no search occurred at all and no targets on my board have a attacks tab. I ran the scan on my lab as well which I know has vulnerable boxes so that is how I confirmed the bug. 

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