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pgomez asked 4 months ago

   You has mentioned while setting up the environment for Malware Analysis to keep the network on a separate subnet. Attempting to connect (2) routers LAN to WAN and encountering problems many tutorials explain to 
change up address on (2) router ie 
(1) router 
(2) router change to 
then change (2) router to DHCP a server 
however they don’t say what gateway address nor DNS server  addresses to use … one of the tutorial puts the gateway address  to the DNS server this didn’t work for me….
what gateway do I use I assumed being that it’s getting the WAN or internet from the (1) router I’d put the (1) routers IP address however this didn’t work 
just saw your tutorial on DNS server should I just input that address for the DNS server (?) 
truly appreciate your help!
ps praying for your YouTube channel to get back on! 
Thank U!!  

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