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deniero asked 10 months ago

Hello! Is it possible to set up my router in the following way: I want my victim to connect to my (open) wifi. He can use my Internet without any restrictions. When he opens a specific website (for example,  he will be redirected to my Phishing-Site (which is using a ngrok-Server). After this he will be directed to the real website. I know that you can use DNS-Spoofing, but (at least what I know) only works for http and not for https websites. Even combined with SslStrip, which is unreliable. I am more interested in setting up my own router to redirect to my phishing websites. It would be awesome if you could tell me if this is possible and if so, how?;)) I really like your videos and I wish you best luck in the future!

deniero replied 10 months ago

I am also interested to know whether I should be using a normal router or if i can just only use a (kali linux compatible) wifi-adapter that can make a hotspot?;)

1 Answers
Alexis Staff answered 10 months ago

That is a very good question,
From what I can see, you don’t want your user to click on any links(no social engineering

  1. You can make use of DNS spoofing, or redirect incoming IP