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Crazy coder asked 2 years ago

Hello,   I like your videos they are very useful. thank you. I have one request i would like to ask you. Can you make a series of videos Clearly Explaining How to Conduct a PENTEST for a Company, Legally by Clearly Defining the SCOPE of the TEST, How to Layout a Contract, and what needs to be in that contract ?
If you could give a indept review of how to professionally conduct such a contract that would be very helpful.
If you could include the following that would be great….

  • Law & Compliance , Impact of this legislation on penetration testing activities. Awareness of sector-specific regulatory issues.


  •  Scoping , Understanding client requirements. Scoping project to fulfil client requirements. Accurate timescale scoping. Resource planning.


  • Understanding Explaining and Managing Risk, Knowledge of additional risks that penetration testing can present. Levels of risk relating to penetration testing, the usual outcomes of such risks materialising and how to mitigate the risks.


  • Record Keeping, Interim Reporting & Final Results, Understanding reporting requirements. Understanding the importance of accurate and structured record keeping during the engagement.


  • How to create a professional REPORT for the client.

i understand that this may be long but it would really help new professionals in the PEN-TESTING and Cyber Security field on how to stay legal and safe from the legal system.
Many thanks 
Crazy Coder 10101

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