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BJ asked 3 months ago

Hi Mr. Alexis I watched your video on SQL but I need you to go deep more with that so I have some questions on that
1. is SQL injection the only way for hackers to get into a website datadatabase?   2. most site use a secure way for their payment methodmethod does that mean hackers can’t get in to their database?                   3. And you only use a php website for the tutorial I mean you search on Google to check for vulnerable website what about if an hacker a target website can’t it work?
4. Please do an in depth tutorial on SQL injection based on target website
5. and please explain other method hackers use to get into website database if SQL injection doesn’t work
Thanks looking forward to hearing from you soon I will be more than happy to hear back from you as soon as possible. Thanks

cloudycorp Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Thank you for your feedback, please subscribe, like and comment. Here are a few suggestions to your questions, remember, there are usually more than one way to do things.
1. No sql injection is not the only way, it’s possible to use DOS/DDOS, remote code execution, phishing admin and ftp credentials is an option too.
2. Answer to Question 1 applies here, depending on the level of security implementations put in place.
3. Well you have to always find a vulnerability to exploit, even in targeted attacks, otherwise, try to understand how social engineering works, and you can use your imaginations get a foothold onto a targeted server, explore the options in the answer to question one and you’ll quickly get a grasp.
4. We’ll do our best, thanks, please make sure to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss it when we eventually get it done.
5. Refer to first answer.