How To Setup And Use anonsurf On Kali Linux | Stay Anonymous

What is anonsurf?

Anonsurf is Parrot’s anonymous mode to force connections through tor and/or the i2p network. Anonsurf’s usage has a graphical interface and a CommandLine Interface.

  • Tor [2] is a SOCKS4 [3] & SOCKS5 encryption protocol.
  • Tor tunnels all traffic running across the user’s network anonymously.
  • Tor conceals a user’s location and network data from anyone monitoring the user locally, and remotely.
  • Used with on the browser (torbrowser & iceweasel)
  • IRC [4] clients (hexchat)
  • Instant messanging (torchat [5], tormessanger
  • Hidden servers (Creating .onion sites)
  • The Tor protocol works by: Multiplexing [6] multiple “circuits” over a single node-to-node TLS connection.
  • Tor traffic is routed through 3 nodes by default: Guard, relay, and exit.

To be able to route multiple relays, Tor has something called stream multiplexing capability: [+] multiple TCP connections can be carried over a single Tor circuit. [+] Each node knows only the source and destination pairing for a circuit. It does not know the whole path.

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